October Spotlight on Books

The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles by Michelle Cuevas

This is a charming book about a lonely man whose job is to uncork the bottles he finds in the ocean and deliver the letters inside to whom they’re written to. He is always wishing one would be written to him. One day he finds one that invites someone to a party the next evening. He asks around town to determine who it’s written to. No one knows, but think the party sounds wonderful. He decides to go to the party, and finds all the people he’s talked to have gone too. They have a glorious time, and the uncorker decides he just might try to deliver it again tomorrow! This book about friendship is beautifully illustrated by Caldecott winner Erin E. Stead.

by Dea

Fiona’s Corner
(Fio is Buffy’s 12 year old voracious reader)

The Time Fetch by Amy Herrick

You know a book is good when it’s one of your favorites before you’ve even finished reading it. That’s how Time Fetch was for me. It was amazing! The four main characters, Edward, Brigit, Danton and Feenix have to battle to win back time when Edward unleashes strange creatures from a mystical artifact called the Fetch. The creatures are eating time itself and the kids must try to befriend each other and fight the creatures. I give this book all five stars!

by Fiona

Val’s Recommendations

(Val is Second Stars store mascot, who was actually adopted by Seph during one of our Read with a Dog Storytime.)

A Boy, A Ball, and A Dogby Gianna Marino

What a great book! It is about a dog who will catch any ball his boy throws! I prefer sticks and pinecones myself, but if my boy throws a ball, I will chase it because we are best friends. The pictures are so pretty you can almost smell them! I imagine they smell like Caesar Chavez Park on a windy day. (That’s where I take my lunch breaks.) Don’t be scared when the dog floats away on a balloon. (He thinks it’s a ball, but I knew it was a balloon the whole time. I’m pretty smart.) I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the book has a happy ending. The boy and the dog are together again, and the boy gives the dog a big hug! I LOVE hugs. Remember that for when you see me at Second Star! A scratch behind the ear would be nice too.

By Val, 10 months

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